Who is God?


Who is God? is an archive workshop by Margaret McElroy. This workshop explored the subject of God with a special channeled message from Maitreya.

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Who is God? is an archive workshop by Margaret McElroy.

This workshop explored the subject of God with a special channeled message from Maitreya.

Who is God, what is God; debunking the beliefs in God; how can God help us? These are only a few of the questions answered in this workshop. Margaret will take you on a journey of exploration about God. At the end of the workshop Maitreya will make a cameo appearance. Questions can be asked through the moderator, and will be answered during the workshop.

Thank you so much Margaret and your team for the wonderful lesson you presented over the net yesterday. I learned lot indeed as witnessed by a little headache that I usually get when I learn a lot. I’m now clear about who God is and where we as humans stand in the grand scheme of things. Talking about the energy you gave us over the net, I felt a little tingling on my fingertips( especially my right hand thumb) and under my feet. I also noted a sound of ‘current flow'( for lack of better word to describe it) on my left ear more than on the right ear. That is what I recall feeling.Once more thank you very much for the amazing work you are doing for humanity. I hope and pray that you continue to have strength and the will to bring light to our suffering world of today. My best regards to you all! ~ M.C. from Canada

Dear Margaret, There are not enough words to express my upmost appreciation to you for sharing the Divine knowledge – again – in the ”Who is God?” workshop. Now my understanding is clarified and clear, Who God really is. I had a slightly different concept of God, and the very many questions like What if I don’t pass the test? And I wonder how God feels about me? And Why Me, Why would God want to work with me? But not anymore. To hear your stories of experiences was absolutely mind blowing! I can confidently travel my path just knowing, what I have learnt from this workshop. During the experiment we did – my goodness! I began getting strong tingling sensations on the right-side of my face then gradually felt energy moving around my heart area, and travelling, and then I felt engulfed in the most powerful, warm protective sensation. I truly appreciate what I have learnt from this workshop. I feel more confidence without a doubt now as I travel my journey, my life’s path. I am able to pass your teachings on to others in need, one day, especially my grandchildren who will one day ask me – Who Is God? Now I can explain it to them and let them experience God for themselves. Thank you from my soul being Margaret and team Maitreya for your outstanding work ethics and sharing your Divine teachings with Me and All. Much Love, ~ R.T. from Australia

Thank you so much for this session, Margaret. Much enjoyed and I will listen again during the week to make sure I have retained all of the information. During the energy session I felt the ball of light / energy absorb me from crown chakra to between heat and solar plexus chakra. Also I felt the chakras in both feet strengthen and balance out. ~ J.B. from UK


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