This is a June 6th 2015 channeling event archive.

Maitreya, a teacher from the world beyond ours will spoke directly through his deep trance channel, Margaret McElroy. In this channeling message, Maitreya talked about forgiveness.


Thank you Margaret for the wonderful work you are doing for humanity. I was listening to the archive of this channeling. I feel Maitreya was talking to me in particular in that lesson I’ve come to believe. My wife passed away several years ago. Since then a lot of issues involving hate and grudges erupted between me and her sisters. I vowed to stay aloof from them until they apologised for what they did then, all these years. Ever since I embarked on a metaphysical path of growth, this energy of hate has been dogging me and I often wondered how I could go around it. My EGO kept me away from forgiveness in that it kept telling me that if I forgive them, then they will go ahead and offend other people or me again the same way since they would not have learned their lessons. After listening to Maitreya’s lesson about forgiveness, something prompted me to get up and write a letter to forgive all my sisters in law in order to start healing and grow. I felt relief and satisfaction afterwards. I now understand that I need to clear the energy on my side and move to other lessons.Thank you very much for your good work Margaret and your team. ~ M. C. from Canada