The Higher Self – Bridging the Gap

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In this workshop, Margaret McElroy discusses the Higher Self. Learn about what the Higher Self and the Self are, how they influence your life, and how you can move toward being guided by the Higher Self part of you. Margaret provides many examples from her own life and the lives of others, to help you understand how to tell the difference between the Self and Higher Self parts of you. You willalso learn about howanother person’s Self can affect your choices. Later on, Margaret gives a brief teaching on a phenomenon known as the Photon Energy, and how it is bring healing and a raised vibrational state to the Earth plane. The Photon Energy is assisting everyone in being able to release the ways of the Self and move into the Higher Self. However, the Self will hold onto its influence for as long as it can. The Self represents the survival instinct in everyone, and remains a part of you until you pass on. You can never be free of the Self, but you can be free of the Self’s influence. This workshop is the key to understanding how to accomplish that aim.

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