Dec 2011 Channeling

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Join Maitreya for a special channeling session. During his discourse, Maitreya discusses life on the Other Side, and how those in Spirit live. Despite what many think, he describes the emotions that those on the Other Side feel, from celebration and enjoyment, to empathy for those on Earth. Later on, Maitreya touches on some of the different roles one can take on in Spirit, such as helper, guide, guardian spirit, loner, master teacher and so forth. There is also a discussion of life lessons, karma, mirrors and the process of choosing your life experiences for your growth as a soul. To further aid in soul growth during the present moment, an energy known as the Photon Energy is affecting the Earth plane. It is there to assist everyone to live in the now and in bringing unresolved energy and emotions to the surface. At the end of his discussion, Maitreya takes questions from the audience.

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