Astrology 1

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Learn about what the planets, signs and houses represent in Western Astrology. Margaret McElroy thoughtfully explains each of these important pieces of the puzzle that is Astrology. During her explanation, she willgive examplesof how to put these pieces together, andthe spiritual significance of each, individually and in a chart interpretation. Learn about how to use your unique Natal chart (Birth chart) as the road map for your life. At the end ofthis workshop, you will be able tounderstand yourself on a deeper level, and discover your gifts and talents, as well as your challenges and lessons. By understanding your chart, you will be able to understand what you have chosen to learn, and also what rewards await you once you complete your learning. Remember that you always have choice in how you wish to work through your lifelessons; there is always a hard road or easy road to choose. To take full advantage of this workshop, it is recommended that you have a copy of your Natal chart nearby, so that you can follow along.

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