All About Affirmations

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Learn how to use affirmations to help you in your life today. Affirmations are simple words and phrases designed to assist you in releasing the energy of the past and moving freely and positively toward the future. In this workshop, you will learn how to create affirmations specific to your own needs, life lessons and past life energy. You will also learn about how your life lessons, karma and past life energy can contribute to your fears and doubts. Shift your energy away from fear, doubt and negativity by using affirmations. You can create affirmations for just 1 topic, or for many. Margaret McElroy explains how to use affirmations, why they work, and what they can help you accomplish in your life. “You are the Creator of you own reality; what you say is what you are,” says Margaret. At the end of the workshop, enjoy a meditation guided by Alan McElroy to assist you in creating your own personalized affirmation.

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