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  • Astrology Workshop 2015

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    This is an archive astrology workshop held in May 16, […]

  • Who is God?

    by Maitreya 0 Lessons in $9.99

    Who is God? is an archive workshop by Margaret McElroy. […]

  • Healing Power of Color and Sound

    by Maitreya 2 Lessons in $9.99

    This is an archive workshop of Healing Power of Color […]

  • Sexual Energy and You

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    The subject of sexual energy has usually been off limits […]

  • Manifesting Made Easy

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    You have the ability to create all that you wishto manifest and more. During this prosperity-building workshop, Margaret McElroy explains the process of manifestation, what can prevent you from achieving it, and how to make requests for what you want to create in your life.

  • The Higher Self - Bridging the Gap

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    In this workshop, Margaret McElroy discusses the Higher Self. Learn about what the Higher Self and the Self are, how they influence your life, and how you can move toward being guided by the Higher Self part of you.

  • All About Affirmations

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    Learn how to use affirmations to help you in your life today. Affirmations are simple words and phrases designed to assist you in releasing the energy of the past and moving freely and positively toward the future.

  • Astrology 1

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    Learn about what the planets, signs and houses represent in Western Astrology. Margaret McElroy thoughtfully explains each of these important pieces of the puzzle that is Astrology.

  • Channeling

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    Join Maitreya for a special channeling session. During his discourse, Maitreya discusses life on the Other Side, and how those in Spirit live.

  • Gong Meditation

    by Maitreya 1 Lessons in $9.99

    Feel the healing power of the gong meditation, as the sound waves enter your etheric and physical body.


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