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Hi Margaret, I just wanted to give a thanks for this powerful workshop. I thought I’d pretty much cleared my self-esteem issues, but I can see I have work to do. By not having completely done this, how it is impacting areas of my life. So this is a good reminder for me.
Barbara, USA
Hi Margaret, I downloaded the photon energy session. What a fantastic talk from you!
Guess what, I finally had my “A-HA” moment, after reading so many books on the topic of our “crafty self,” I only now got it. Can’t believe it! You know when you started to stress the importance of knowing the ways of “Self,” and also recommending an understanding of our own Self – what is doing and how it can sabotage things!! I thank you for the example of the scenario what your Self likes to do: “Lie down on sofa in front of TV and have a box of chocolate.” Also, I realised that it is so true what you said about your Self when you are tired. When I am tired (especially in the evening), my Self just talks me out of things. So, what I do now when my Self starts to whinge is, I leave everything and go sleep. I have done it now for couple of days and it is amazing. Things I was worrying over and over in the evening were suddenly clear to me in the morning. What a waste of energy of the previous evening! (Maitreya would say). Anyway, hope everything goes well with your BOOK!
Marketa, Australia

Thank you to sweet Margaret/Maitreya for giving me knowledge and awareness about Self and Higher Self, and for demonstrating unconditional love throughout the entire week. Thank you especially for helping to serve humanity one soul at a time, in finding their true path back home to our “one” Spirit. I truly and sincerely love you, and your entire spiritual team that I will now call my family!! XOXO


Hi Margaret, I just wanted to say that the gong meditation helped me release MORE anger!! Thanks!


We just wanted to congratulate you on the meditation you did last week! I finally listened to the meditation you did, and I had so much going on I could hardly keep up. First there was a volcano, at night, oranges and reds, then the smoke billowing. Then what must have been a life in Europe, a life in New Orleans, and New York… then I was in space, discharging orange balls, (like in star trek, when they fire a weapon.) I also had felt pressure in my 3rd eye, and goose bumps down my left hip to my knee…It seemed that almost every time you used the bells, it would change the picture. I truly enjoyed this meditation.

Mona, USA

Hi Margaret, thank you for the gong meditation. I have been very sick for a week and had painfully negative loud Self. I had very uncomfortable pain in my heart chakra and third chakra in the morning, so I wasn’t sure if I could handle the meditation. (I had a healing crisis afterwards last time, so I was thinking about that.) The gentle healing energy wrapped around me during the meditation, and I felt like I was in the incubator. The huge cloud has left my body, and my Self was not beating me up any more. It’s now much easier to recover from the sickness without the negatives. Thank you so much!!

Naomi, USA

Both times, I felt the energy very strong emanating from my heart chakra, my feet melt away, and I could felt the Maitreya’s presence in a very intense way.

RDS, Brazil

Hi Margaret, thank you very much for the wonderful, and very deep meditation. During this meditation, I felt a lot of work in my throat chakra, and my head was moving in different directions. The energy felt very soft and calm. After the meditation, I felt a very deep relaxation, and I am much calmer inside.

Christine, Sweden

Dear Margaret, during your master’s course over the last six days, Spirit has guided me, through your gift of energy and advice, opening the gates to enable me to be of service to Spirit in developing others on their soul development.I am eternally grateful to both you and Alan for this opportunity, and look forward to the future.

CL, Australia

I just wanted to express my thanks for such a wonderful experience, to be so lucky to watch the archive of the May 11th channeling. I loved it very much and got to hear Master’s voice. It is reassuring the things which I was experiencing and have been told.

Tazul, India

I watched the channeling a 2nd time. My energy has totally shifted for the positive. Thank you!


I cannot tell you how much the mediumistic course has changed my life, and given me a purpose to where I am not floundering anymore, wondering at 48 years old what I was going to do with my life. So, for that I truly thank you for being there for me.

Laurie, USA

I have had such amazing and surprising results since after this course; I am now receiving regular messages while doing healings, sometimes about a person’s past life. I see visually the light moving through a person’s body, and can be in their minds occasionally, which I never would have thought possible. Thank you & Maitreya for your energy, it has brought so much to my life now.

Chantal, France

Margaret, I LOVED the course!!! I have so much respect and adoration for you. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher/sister, and yes I too feel the connection as well. It’s safe and comforting, like sitting in front of a fire with friends/family while telling jokes, laughing and toasting marshmallows for s’mores.


I had such a deep and relaxed meditation. I could feel Maitreya`s energy really coming through. I got a lot of my questions answered. Went really deep in meditation, the furthest I have ever gone it feels like. Thank you Margaret and team for bringing Maitreya`s message to the world.

GC, Canada

I want to place on record the wonderful experience of the Channeling session with Maitreya through Margaret. Having been a student of many spiritual disciplines, traditions and New Age Masters , I can honestly say that the experience of Maitreya’s channeling through Margaret is the most unique, profound, and unparalleled experience that I have had till date. His personal messages to me are very, very practical and equally profound, and contained pearls of wisdom and guidance through which I can navigate both my spiritual and material life. I recommend the reading/channeling experience to every person who is a seeker of truth, and equally looking for guidance and support from Maitreya for their earthly problems. It is an experience that has the power to transform the core of your very being and take one’s life on a higher pedestal. I have no doubt that whoever has, or will experience, the channeled energy of Maitreya through Margaret, will surely take a Quantum leap not only spiritually, but equally on the earthly/material plane as well.

RK, Hyderabad, India

Thank you for the wonderful event in Bangalore. I felt uplifted during your channeling. Once again, thanks.

Ganesh, Bangalore, India

It was a profound experience to have met you in India (New Delhi). I hope your Divine presence enriches my life regularly. Thank you so much!!

ALB, New Delhi, India

I have attended the program in Hyderabad. It has been a wonderful experience. I clearly feel the shift in me since the connection happened. The meditation and Maitreya’s energies are truly awesome. I am still in a lift and flow whenever I think of it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and peace by what Maitreya’s energies have brought into me. I really appreciate, congratulate, and thank the organizers, and Margaret, who have made this happen.

JG, Hyderabad, India

I attended your event last Friday in New Delhi. It was a highly spiritual experience, and I hope to learn from a master like you in the years to come.

MB, Delhi, India

Thank you for the meditations on Thursdays. The meditation is beyond words. I go into a deep state which is hard to describe. A lot of my negativity gets cleared, and I do get more clarity at times. Ever since I have come in touch with you, life has only improved for the better. I look forward to the meditations every Thursday as it takes me to a deep state of trance. Sometimes to different places which I have not seen. Sometimes I feel as though I am in totally different world. This I cannot explain. Sometimes I also think I could be seeing a past life. I feel so pure during the meditation and feel great bliss. It is so wonderful. Everyone should at least try it once and see how one becomes more intuitive, patient, and reaches higher vibration. The Energy I feel on different body parts such as head and palms are so beautiful too. I simply love the meditation.

AJ, Mumbai, India

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